Welcome at mijntennisles.nl. Mijntennisles.nl is a tennis training tool. We aim to increase the interaction between coach and student. Besides that, we make life of the trainers easier by providing a sceduling and administration tool for the tennislessons. We are happy to give more information about mijntennisles.nl on request. You can use the contact form to contact us.


Some features of the application:
  • Students subscripe for lessons online
  • The admin user can make a scedule
  • The admin user sets trainer-(sub)targets*
  • Students can login, see the training scedule and see how the trainer evaluated the previous lessons**
  • The trainer can easily email (a group of) students

*Training (sub)targets are aimed results of the drills and used to assess the students. For example: Target: 'Footwork' with subtargets 'closing steps', 'timing of 'splitstep' and 'positions of the feet'.

**Based on the defined subtargets, students will see a score. Kids will see a green laughing tennisball-face if they did excellent, a yellow smiling tennisball if they were evaluated 'ok' and a sad orange tennisball if there was plenty of room for improvement, so to say.